Tiger is cancer free

May 14, 2016
Maggie Bradley

Tiger has recently reached his 7 th cancer free year. In 2008 , Tiger came in for a routine health check. When we palpated his abdomen , we noted that both kidneys were enlarged. An ultrasound confirmed that both kidneys were abnormal. Tiger was taken to surgery and a renal biopsy sent off to the lab. The results confirmed our fears- Tiger had cancer in both kidneys. High Grade malignant lymphoma. Initially devastated , Tigers mum, Ms Tonia Chung was re-assured that there were treatment options which might extend Tigers life. His blood work was encouraging and showed that his kidneys were still working. Tiger started his chemotherapy on 28th February 2008 using a protocol devised by Dr Jules Beatty and Prof Vanessa Barrs .For the next 19 weeks he visited Ninelives almost every two weeks to receive his Chemotherapy injections and blood checks. In July that year , fully in remission , tigers teatments became monthly and continued until January 2009. Tiger remained well throughout his treatments , temporary loss of his whiskers being the only side effect. Tiger is one of the lucky ones and responded exceptionally well, remaining cancer and treatment free for the past 7 years. His story highlights the value of routine body checks allowing us to catch his cancer early . We wish him many more happy years to come.